ME3: Joint Masters in Management, Engineering of Environment and Energy

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ME3 is an international double-degree program that allows students to study in up to 3 European countries. It has been selected by the European Commission (EACEA) to be supported as an Erasmus+: Erasmus Mundus Master Course for its past editions. The program provides the knowledge and skills to create tomorrow’s leaders in environmental management, renewable energy, and sustainability.”

Aims and objectives

The original feature of the ME3 Masters course is to combine Energy and Environmental Process Engineering with Management and Social Sciences. It aims at offering a well-balanced education to future engineers and managers having the adequate skills to solve environmental and energy issues through an integrated approach, combining technological development and innovations together with the consideration of human, social and economic constraints.

Who Should Consider this Programme?

The ME3 Masters is thus addressed to engineers and managers, who will work in Europe or in other regions of the world, to monitor complex social-technical systems related to Environment and Energy.

Programme Structure

Face-to-face training. The entire course is taught in English. The 2-year ME3 programme offers courses in Management and Engineering of Energy and Environment. The programme has a flexible schedule, allowing students to choose the study track that is most aligned with their interests and career goals.


The duration of the programme is 16 months + Master Thesis. The 2-year ME3 programme offers 120 ECTS divided in 4 semesters.


The ME3 program allows students to combine technical and engineering knowledge with a solid foundation in management, project planning, and social Sciences. The course content consists of 4 main components; Energy, Environment, Management, and a Professional Project (Internship) completed during the last semester of the two-year programme.

The ME3 program provides training in a wide range of energy technologies. Students have the opportunity to learn about traditional combustion technologies as well as sustainable and renewable energy technologies such as wind, solar, biomass, and geothermal. Energy efficiency (demand-side) policies and actions are also covered.

Students can choose between all the energy semesters option (option A: KTH Stockholm, B: BME Budapest and C: IMT Atlantique Nantes). The three alternatives for the Energy semester make possible to offer different focus and pedagogical approaches.

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The total amount of the participation costs varies according to your nationality and your university of origin, as follows:

  • 18,000€ for non-EU students
  • 16,000€ for EU students
  • 12,000€ for EU students coming from core partners institutions (BME, IMT Atlantique, KTH, UPM)

The ME3 programme participation costs cover the health insurance for 2 years, the participation of lecturers from overseas, examination and administrative services provided by each academic institution. No living expenses or course literature, travels or accommodation are included.


All our students are graduate from UPM (ME3 European Joint Masters in Management and Engineering of Environment and Energy).

The second degree depends on the study track:

  • Track A: Master of Science with a major in Mechanical Engineering (KTH)
  • Track B: Master in Mechanical Engineering Modelling (BME)
  • Track C: Master of Science Process and Bioprocess Engineering in Project Management for Environmental and Energy Engineering (IMT Atlantique) In addition, a joint certificate (Joint certificate of the ME3 International Master programme “European Joint Masters in Management and Engineering of Environment and Energy”) is issued to each student.


During the last 6 months, students perform a professional internship leading to a Master’s thesis.

Some examples of hosting institutions for master’s thesis are:

  • Alstom, Arcelor Mittal, Technip, Veolia, Séché Environnement, Volvo, Total, Schneider Electric, EDF, General Electrics…
  • Indar Energy, IRIDRA, Zoetic Energy, MicroEnergy International, Endrava, S3D, Meteolien…
  • United Nations, Aalto University, University of California, IRENA, Fraunhofer Institute, IKEM, IWMI, Tecnalia R&I…

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